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Ponoka’s Downhill Derby brings families together

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

The warm September weather made for ideal downhill derby race conditions Sept. 9.

Ponoka’s Downhill Derby proved a fun day for parents and their children who raced down 42 Avenue with some making some great speeds. The top recorded speed was 44 km/h.

The 13th iteration of the derby brought community groups like the Ponoka Kinsmen and Lions Club together to ensure for a fun day.

Chairperson Greg Rowland was pleased with the turnout, 24 racers this year, and he praised the Town of Ponoka — it’s a town event — for keeping this race going.

He was pleased with the strong support from the town and fans but also from the neighbours along the street who continue to allow the race on 42 Avenue.

“I think it’s well run. We try to be efficient at it,” said Rowland.

Support from local businesses has also been strong, including that of Ponoka’s Alberta Flares.


Division A

First place: Reid Klimec

Second place: Labrie Heidt

Division B

First Place: Serge Klimec

Second Place: Tye Ancion

Division C

First Place: Brady Groot

Second Place: Shayla Huff

Best in Show: Blake Miller

Fastest Car: Serge Klimec at 44 km/hr

Story by the Ponoka News

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